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This article has multiple issues. Please Expand biography how to talk about videogames electronic mediations bogost pdf free and add more details. Martin Grant of Forbes wrote in 2012 that the Deltalina video was the first of the “next generation of safety video” and that the “talents” of Deltalina “largely helped” this.

Lee-Hinton is not the presenter, but in which she does appear in a cameo role, admonishing against smoking on board with her famous finger wag. This flight attendant had started to return to the public in May 2015. However, starting in June 2016, the video was no longer displayed as part of the reboot of the Delta safety videos. September 2006 presentations and photo sessions for new Delta Air Lines’ flight attendant uniforms. The videos’ theme was “Delta Safety First”. Hal Barry and his wife in a helicopter which landed there, kicking off the party. 2010: Lee appeared in a video for the Carter foundation.

Also in that year, she did a video to promote Sky Priority benefits for frequent flyers. 2011: In March, Lee appeared in a video for the 2011 Adobe Summit orientation. In August 2011, Lee appeared in a series of promotional videos for Healthe Trim’s diet supplements. In the same month she also appeared in cameo role in a promotional video for the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. Her father was in the military, and the family moved around a lot.

At some moments; i’m going to be less than a mile away and I would love to drop just about anything to get coffee and talk whenever. Taking into account the challenges and opportunities of digital preservation, below is the exact language from the position listing where you can see these different themes weave in and out. All too often, one person’s digital collection is another’s digital object is another’s dataset. Now that you have put in place a set of recommendations, a place where I can be the kind of person I want to be. Computing devices interact with the structures of file systems, i feel like much of the beaten path for talking about digital preservation has more to do with how we got to what we do now than how it would make sense to explain the issues and topics to folks from scratch.

This page was last edited on 21 December 2017, at 09:20. I’m excited to kick off 2018 teaching my digital history course for American University again. AMU history grad students it seemed to make sense to go ahead and slightly reframe it to focus explicitly on methods. I’m always excited to have folks outside the class join in on our learning community. For some context, I’ve provided a rundown of the topics students will be blogging about below. I’ve also provided a full copy of the syllabus. Most of the readings are open access and the books are relatively inexpensive, so feel free to directly join in and follow along as we go.

I will make sure everyone leaves with an understanding of how to register, post and work with the course blog. We will then take a bit of time to quickly read short posts about blogging as an academic practice. It’s also about what the stakes in all this are. Across all of the readings consider both the arguments and the genre of writing they are being presented in. Format and genre are critical components of our work this semester and the differences between blogging, books and articles are as much on the table for discussion as the points in these pieces. In history we work to connect audiences and publics with the past.