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How to Delete Duplicate Songs on iPhone Automatically

Why not make it simple and automatic? Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This ensures that any music you add to your iCloud Music Library will be downloaded to your iPhone's storage so you can play it even while offline. Once the music finishes downloading, you'll be able to find it in your iPhone's Music app. It's the blue button in your iPhone's keyboard.

Tap the red circle to the left of an option. Go into Settings, find Storage, and go to Manage Storage. Rebuild your iTunes library and delete duplicate songs automatically. This occurs because the iPhone can only contain songs from a single iTunes library. This option is in the top-right corner of the screen.

Connect to Wi-Fi if possible. Since the apps here are organized by the amount of space they take up, your Music app's location will vary. This will usually be to the right of the song or album that you decided on. Doing so will minimize the Settings app and return you to the Home Screen.

Turn off syncing in iTunes to delete the item. To delete multiple items, tap Edit, tap the items, then tap Delete in the upper-right corner.

Delete additional media types. Doing so will search Apple Music for your item. Click the device icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. Just download the iTunes app and follow the steps above. Doing so will open your iPhone's page.

As such, selected music may re-synchronize with your phone the next time you attach it to your computer. Doing so will begin playing it in a tab at the bottom of the screen.

Type in a song, artist, or album name. Doing so will download your selected media to your iPhone's Music library. Tap Keep Music when prompted. Streaming music can eat up your mobile data plan pretty quickly, so try to limit streaming to wireless networks if possible.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs on iPhone Automatically

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You may have to confirm your choice to download the song or album before it will download. Moreover, these useless duplicates will take up the limited storage of your iPhone. Learn how to import photos and videos to your computer.

Depending on how many songs you have to add to your iPhone, the amount of time that this process takes will vary. Open your iPhone's Settings. Type in the name of a song, an artist, or an album, then tap Search in the bottom-right corner of your iPhone's keyboard.

This wikiHow teaches you how to add music to your iPhone's Music app. Its app icon resembles a multicolored musical note on a white background. Scroll to Music, then tap it. Depending on your phone's screen size, you may have to scroll down first.

2 Easy Ways to Delete Music on Your iPhone - wikiHow

Generally you can search by artist or song and start radio stations based on that search. For this reason, this post offers the following method to automatically delete them.

Under Recommendations, swipe left on All Songs, project snowblind pc then tap Delete. Read this tutorial to know how to delete duplicate songs on iPhone automatically.

It's in the bottom-right side of the screen, just below the volume slider. If you searched for a specific song, just look for that song on the results page. Your iPhone's icon won't show up for a few seconds, so don't worry if you don't see it immediately after. This option is near the top of the pop-up menu here.

Start listening to your music. As long as you have an internet connection, you'll be able to stream your selected music.

You should see this option toward the bottom of the screen. If you don't see Review iTunes Videos, you don't have anything downloaded to your device. How do I delete my music and start again if it loaded all of the tunes in my library and I only want a requested playlist? If you added music to your iPhone on another computer, the old music will be deleted before new music can be added.

Google Play Music can use your Gmail account to log in. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This option is in the bottom-right corner of the screen, just below a magnifying glass icon. Open the song in WhatsApp and tap the Share button. Is this article up to date?

It's on the far-right side of your selected option. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Doing so allows you to save all original copies of your music in addition to anything you download from Apple Music. Wait for the music to download. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

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Cookies make wikiHow better. Select Email and then email the song to yourself.

Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Scroll down and tap Music. It's a grey button in the lower-right side of the iTunes page.

Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Deleting large amounts of duplicates in iPhone Music app is quite tedious and complex. On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, if you don't make music available for offline use, it's cached using the space available on the device. Learn how to redownload items that you purchased on another device. It's a white app with a multicolored musical note on it.

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