How do i extract text from a pdf

How to extract text from the PDF file? This article describes process how do i extract text from a pdf exctraction text from PDF documents.

How to extract text from the XPS file? Below we will show you how to extract content from PDF file using STDU Viewer. After installation, launch the program. Select PDF document from which you want extract text. Once the program is launched, open a PDF document from which you wish to extract text content. To do that, click the “Open” button on the toolbar.

A Windows Explorer window appears. Select the necessary PDF file and click the “Open” button. Open the “File” section of the main menu, select the “Extract” option and then “to text”. The settings window appears where you can define export parameters. You can select pages of the input document containing the desired text. Pages” setting the number of page manually. Let’s see the last option in details.

For example, you need to save text of the page 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Select the “Pages” option and enter “1,3-6” or “1,3,4,5,6” to the corresponding field. In the same window you can set the path to your output text file. Once the parameters are defined, click the “OK” button and wait while the text is exported. This article describes process of exctraction text from XPS documents.