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Screw the garden hose connector onto a garden hose which is connected to a fresh water supply. Do not run the engine without supplying it with cooling water. Route the hose so that it is protected from damage and does not present a trip hazard. Check the manual to find out where your intakes are located and whether they have built-in attachments for a garden hose. Page Operation Wash the outboard exterior and flush out the exhaust outlet of the propeller and gearcase with fresh water after each use.

Squeeze the fuel line primer bulb several times until it feels firm. Safe for all metal, rubber, emmaus dating plastic and painted surfaces. Page Timing Belt Inspection Excessive wear at the roots of the cogs. Refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for.

The extra water helps with that too. The preferred method is to flush with a flush-muff attachment or built-in port. Additional clearance may be required for railroad crossings, driveways and trailer bouncing.

Re Flushing E-Tec

Use the search field on the top of the page to search by the Part Number with the abbreviation at the bottom of each page. Provide a sufficient supply of water to the water inlets during operation. Most of the water goes to the powerhead, but some of it backwashes down to the pump. Some newer motors have built-in attachments that accept a hose nozzle.

Injury or damage will result if the engine accidentally slips into gear and the connecting rod is on the propeller side of the motor. This is to wash salt or brackish water out of the cooling system to prevent corrosion. This is handy if you can't start the engine dead battery, for example or if your neighbors would balk at your engine's noise. Rubber portion swollen by oil.

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If the vessel experiences any form of impact, have an authorized Mercury Marine dealer inspect and repair the vessel or power package. Set the engine speed at idle and the gear shift in neutral to prevent the outboard from starting in gear. Connect to a garden hose, fit the muffs over the engine's water intakes on the sides of the gear case, turn the water on, start the engine, and let it run.

Hose hook up

It is strongly recommended that each operator driver read and understand this entire manual before operating the outboard. Tips Flush your motor after every outing to prevent salt, silt, hook up bars new and other debris from accumulating. This method works best if you flush the motor immediately after using it. The motor should be flushed in the vertical position and then allow time to drain completely.

  1. The water supply should not be opened more than halfway to regulate water pressure.
  2. If you run the motor too fast, the pump blows what water it is getting right back up the pipe and burns out the impeller.
  3. My manual is a so we may have different manuals.
  4. Ethanol is a relatively new additive to fuel.
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There's no mention of muffs or anything stating not to flush the engines while out of the water. Adapter supplied with FlushPro makes winterizing easy Model Variations. Smaller and midsize four-stroke outboards use the flush port at the rear of the engine. In all cases, the engine must be in the vertical position during flushing and after, to drain the water from the engine. Tighten the connector securely.

Flush for at least five minutes at an idle speed, with the engine in a vertical position. Check all of the fuel line connections for leaks. Proper care and maintenance is an important part in keeping your Mercury Product operating at peak efficiency for maximum performance and economy. Make sure the remote control, gearcase, shift link- Secure all cables with clamps.

Position the remote control handle into neutral. Turn off the water only after disengaging the engine. It sounds simple, things to know when dating but hang on!

Many boat owners like to splash the insides of the muffs with water before attaching them to the motor. Either method is acceptable. While the boat is coasting, it can cause injury to anyone in the boat's path as seriously as the boat would when under power.

Fits all outboards with a flushing port. These catalog pages represent just a few of the parts we stock. Be sure the engine is receiving cooling water by checking the overboard indicator. Durable check valve system activated by water pressure from a garden hose.

How to Hook Up a Hose to a Sea-Doo
Flushing E-Tec

The serial number is located on the outboard as shown. Stop and trust your senses. The flusher attaches easily to an ordinary garden hose.

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Secure the connector using a hose clamp and Phillips screwdriver. Hold the casing guide in the center of the slack. If I don't have water flowing when I start and stop my Volvo Penta's, the impeller will burn up quickly. Or, you can use a set a flush muffs attached to the gearcase water intakes to run and flush the engine.

The inherent feature of this set up is to be able to hook up a hose to a spicket and let the water run through for a few minutes without having to run the motor. Just hook up a standard garden hose, adjust the height of the handle, place the rubber cup over the water intake screen on the bottom of the hull, turn on the hose, and start the engine. Hooking a graden hose directly to Mercruiser water pump inlet from Drive. This steering torque is a normal result from your outboard not trimmed with the propeller shaft parallel to the water surface.

Then when you are done, turn off the water, rev the engine to get excess water out, then quickly turn it off. These clamps provide corrosion resistance, mini- mize the potential for abrasion of rigging compo- nents, and provide solid, permanent connections. Let water drain before tilting the engine. Open the fuel tank vent, if the tank is not self-venting. Your manual will most likely recommend covering the other intake with heavy tape.

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  • The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications.
  • Either the engine water pump will be damaged or the engine will be damaged from overheating.
  • Page Information Display Systems The distance between any two points on the network must not exceed meters ft.
  • Insert the brand-specific quick connector into the motor end of the fuel hose.
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Refer to your local dealer for recommendations. This will protect the connector stem from being accidently pushed-in, thus, allowing fuel or vapor to escape. Lubricant must built into the unit. Does that mean I should not run the propellors? Lubricate the seal on the drain plug with oil and reinstall.

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Slide valve stays on engine permanently. Pump the primer bulb in the fuel hose until the inline filter is filled with fuel and the bulb has a firm feel when it is squeezed. Secure all cables with clamps. If not, consult your dealer for a description of the functions and operations of the remote control.

New Yamaha s garden hose connector

This immediate attention by a servicing dealer is necessary once the engine is exposed to the atmosphere to minimize internal corrosion damage to the engine. When flushing the engine I am told you must keep it in the vertical position. My Volvo manual only states that if flushing the engine with the boat in the water, between difference not to run higher than idle.

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