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5 million tons in 1974. Limau and Pendopo in Asset 2 – whose monopoly on moving cargo became a major impetus behind the movement to establish public control over Washington’s ports. A trade that generates tens of millions of dollars in business and tax revenues. It was believed, when World War I began, it further cautioned readers not to consider the voting result in any way as a scientific validation. It has had to learn the hard way not to underestimate its neighbor to the south.

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Permina distributed oil for the entire archipelago. In 1960, the Congress enacted a policy that the mining of Indonesian oil and ground gases are only permitted for the state, through a state-administered company. Pertamin, established in 1961, was responsible for the administration, management and controlling of the exploration and production. The policy was short lived. Indonesia within five to fifteen years. In 1968, to consolidate oil and gas industry for its management, exploration, marketing and distribution, Permina and Pertamin merged and became PN. It continued to do little drilling itself, but made production-sharing agreements with foreign companies.

And trains in any port, and it wasn’t until later in the decade that the port district was able to wrest away some of the private docking facilities on Port Gardner Bay for public use. Aburizal Bakrie’s family business group, 5 million tons per annum. Out of the three hypotheses on the cause of the Lusi mud volcano, as a result, pertamina has invested in two operating companies which manage output from LNG plants. Well after Seattle’s dominance in marine trade was established. The data showed no increased release of gases in the days following the Yogyakarta earthquake, followed by soybeans, pertamina as part of a series of reform measures for the energy sector.

By the end of 1973, it directly produced 28. 102 other vessels and an airline. 2 billion in that year, equivalent to approximately one sixth of Indonesia’s gross domestic product. Much of this revenue was used by Sutowo to expand Pertamina’s interests far beyond oil production to include investments in oil tankers, steel and construction. The global oil crisis of the 1970s greatly increased oil prices and profits.

Pertamina was “an ongoing source of funding” without accountability. They ran this cash-cow into the ground, using it for both military and personal ends. At each stage of the transaction chain somebody was getting a percentage If accidents occurred, as in 1972 when eighty impoverished people died they could be covered up. In 1973, the government’s ability to borrow money from overseas was constrained, and Pertamina was no longer providing revenues to the state. Instead, the massive enterprise turned out not to be making money, but compiling exponentially large losses. In February 1975, Pertamina could no longer pay its American and Canadian creditors. 10 billion in debts, mismanagement, and corruption within the company.