Good reasons for backdating housing benefit, what is a good reason for backdating my claim for housing benefit

Benefits forms Backdating benefit. You should hand this in to your local council along with your housing benefit claim. The maximum period that your housing benefit can be backdated depends on when you made the request. If you are of pension credit age your housing benefit should automatically be backdated for up to three months.

Backdating a benefit claim

Backdating housing benefit

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England. Take a note of the name of the person you speak to, what they say and the date. Whether you were unable to complete and send a claim form, or ask someone to do it on your behalf, due to being physically incapacitated. The good cause provisions have not changed.

Backdating housing benefit

Any gap in good cause will mean your benefit will not be backdated. Once the council has made a decision you'll receive a letter notifying you of this. The fight isn't over - support us this summer. How do I apply for my claim to be backdated?

  • What evidence do I need to get my benefit backdated?
  • You don't have to give a reason for not claiming in time - you just have to show that you qualified for benefits during that time.
  • Backdating benefit The general rule is that your entitlement to benefit will start the Monday following the day your claim was received by the council.
  • No changes to Good cause The good cause provisions have not changed.
  • There are regulations which allow us to award benefit before this date and one of these is known as backdating.
Backdating housing benefit

Close message and continue. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. The council will make a decision after considering the facts in each application. Keep this note somewhere safe.

Would you recommend Shelter Scotland's website to a friend, colleague or family member? Citizens Advice Bureaux, trade union officials, doctors and solicitors, may be good cause in some circumstances. There is a section on the claim form which asks if you would like your benefit backdated, so you should fill that in if you do. The effect of psychological and psychiatric problems which may cause you to act unreasonably. Wrong information given by unofficial bodies e.

You have been unwell this includes mental health problems and unable to manage your personal affairs. Examples of this could be proof of hospital admission and discharge dates. Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

Whats a good reason for backdating housing benefit

If so that will help your appeal. What if I disagree with the council's decision? In mid-July you started getting letters etc, but didn't do anything about it until September? Alternatively, write a letter and send it along with the claim form. What happens after I've handed in my request?

If you were given the wrong information by the council, or the Department for Work and Pensions, it could amount to good cause. Yes, you must show that you had a good reason for the whole period that you are asking us to backdate. It is usually not enough to say you did not realise that you would have been entitled to benefit, unless there was good reason why you could not have investigated this yourself.

Backdating housing benefit - Shelter England

If you have any proof to confirm your reasons for making a late claim, please send them to us. What are good reasons for claiming late? Thinking that you may not be entitled to benefit or not knowing that you could claim are not normally good reasons for us to be able to backdate your claim. If you think you should get backdated benefit but your circumstances are not listed on this page, contact us for more information or make a claim for backdating. Claimants who have attained the qualifying age for state pension credit will retain the three months automatic backdating not actually backdating.

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Join Digital Spy's first reader panel. This feedback tool can't offer advice. Share Have you had a bad housing experience? Remember you must show good cause for the whole period you wish your benefit backdated for. This website uses cookies.

Update on changes to backdating of Housing Benefit

If you have any documents which will help confirm your claim for good cause, it would be very helpful if you could send them with your request. Colleges don't close down completely for the summer, do they? The reasons you believe you have good cause for the period in question. Join the fight against bad housing and homelessness.

Your feedback is being submitted. Welcome to Shelter Scotland. Get advice if you're England. We will write to you when we have made a decision.

What do I need to include? You have experienced a personal trauma or bereavement. You might have other reasons. In my experience, councils can be quite lenient with tenants who are in arrears because of problems like these, as long as they are kept informed of your situation at the time. If you deliberately do not claim.

Chat with us - we're online. This list only gives examples, so you could ask someone who is not on the list to write a supporting letter. These are only a few of the more common factors the council will look at when deciding if good cause is shown.

Backdating entitlements

Backdating benefit

  1. Police incident notices or letters from the Court.
  2. Backdating your benefit if you are of pension age If you are of pension credit age your housing benefit should automatically be backdated for up to three months.
  3. Contact details Benefits vowh.
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If you only have a good reason for part of the time then we will only look at this period. These are just examples of things that could have prevented you from claiming earlier. This must be in writing and received within one calendar month of the date of the letter informing you of the decision. There is no exact legal definition of what is good cause. Thank you for your feedback.

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What is backdating

Barnet Council

We're here for everyone, but only with your support. Your feedback is being submitted Success! Contact details Time limits There are limits as to how far back we can go and these time limits start from when we receive your request for backdated benefit. Do I need a good reason for the whole period? If you were misled by official or unofficial information.

No changes to good cause The good cause provisions have not changed. If you have learning or mental difficulties, the council will take these into account when assessing your ability to complete and send a form, or ask someone to do it for you. Did you get this in writing? Also, there would have been someone at the college during the summer cause although there are no classes, the staff are still there. You have difficulty communicating in English.

Shelter Legal England - Backdated claims

Of course, if it had been the other way around and they had forgotten to charge you for council tax, they would have demanded backpayment. BrowseAloud Bookmark Email Print. Thoughtlessness, carelessness or indifference. The general rule is that your entitlement to benefit will start the Monday following the day your claim was received by the council.

There are limits as to how far back we can go and these time limits start from when we receive your request for backdated benefit. For example, if you obtain a claim form and then lose it, or if you delay in returning your form because you went on holiday. Have you offered to make any sort of payment of the arrears before the court date? You would be expected to make enquiries as to what benefit was available to you if you were having difficulties paying your rent or Council Tax.

Ceredigion County Council

What is a good reason for backdating my claim for Housing Benefit

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