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This article is about the novel. 2005 girl with the dragon tattoo free pdf become an international bestseller. Days later, racked with guilt for having done nothing to help her, he begged her forgiveness—which she refused to grant.

The incident, he said, haunted him for years afterward and in part inspired him to create a character named Lisbeth who was also a rape survivor. Larsson had told him he had heard the story secondhand and retold it as his own. Murray requested he be credited under the pseudonym “Reg Keeland”. Vanger believes she was murdered by a member of the family.

Harriet disappeared during a family gathering at the Vanger estate on Hedeby Island, when the island was temporarily cut off from the mainland by a traffic accident on the bridge. Blomkvist moves to the island and begins to research the Vanger family history and Harriet’s disappearance. Cecilia, a headmistress who was Harriet’s younger aunt and friend, though Cecilia’s sister Anita was closer both in age and friendship to the missing girl. Salander takes her revenge, torturing Bjurman and threatening to ruin him unless he gives her full control of her life and finances.

Despite all expectation to the contrary, Blomkvist identifies new evidence in Harriet’s disappearance. One clue is a pair of photographs, detailing Harriet’s sudden discomfort at the sight of a young man in a prep school blazer. They describe rules about the treatment and punishment of women, and Blomkvist correlates one of them with the grotesque murder of a Vanger Corporation secretary in 1949. Blomkvist request a research assistant. When he sees the report she prepared for Vanger, Blomkvist realises that Salander has hacked into his computer. He confronts her and asks her to help him with the investigation, to which she agrees. The two eventually become lovers, but Salander continues to keep Blomkvist at an emotional distance.

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