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This domain name is for sale. This article is about the Japanese toy manufacturer. In 1947, Naoharu Yamashina was working for the company of his brother-in-law, a textile wholesaler. As that segment genki ii 2nd edition pdf the market was going weak at the time, he realized about the potential of the toy industry.

He successfully convinced his brother-in-law to dedicate a portion of the company’s activities in that industry and to be in charge of it. Step by step, Yamashina developed a toy distribution empire within the company. On July 1950, Yamashina took full control of the toy distribution business, renamed it and founded the company Bandai-ya whose name was eventually shortened to Bandai in 1961. It also began the exportation of toys. As the company expanded, Bandai increased its exportations by building up in 1953 a new warehouse outside of Komagata.

D department and a transport division. In early 1955, Bandai founded the subsidiary Waraku Works, a manufacturing facility. In 1958, Bandai introduced its first television commercial using the slogan « The Red Box means a BC-guaranteed toy ». In the middle of the following year, the company launched a lineup of mini toys representing car models from all over the world dubbed as “Cars of the World”. The company logo was redesigned to emphasize on the quality of Bandai’s products and was known as the “Banzai mark”. In the 1960s Bandai expanded to include international export sales.

Bandai’s racing car set, which first appeared in 1962, became a huge success. In 1963, Bandai separated the transportation service service from the company to become its own subsidiary called Bandai Transport. It was the first time Bandai was creating a toy based on an existing hero. 48 scale AFV models dominated that segment of the model kit market. In May 1980, Makoto Yamashina, son of the founder, became president of Bandai. Naoharu Yamashina became chairman of the board.

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