G reit liquidating trust annual report, board of directors

  1. Additionally, until we sell all of our assets, we will be in competition for customers from other existing assets in proximity to our buildings, as well as from proposed new developments.
  2. Such competition may affect our ability to attract and retain tenants and may reduce the rents we are able to charge.
  3. Mortgage loans payable, including properties held for sale.
  4. Wescombe, Chairman of the Trustees.
  5. Our real estate investments are comprised of consolidated properties and investment in unconsolidated real estate.

Our ability to predict results or the actual effect of future plans or strategies is inherently uncertain. In an environment of increasing interest rates, we risk being unable to refinance such debt if interest rates are higher at a time a balloon payment is due. Therefore, our units of beneficial interest are illiquid and our beneficiaries will have no ability to dispose of them other than in limited circumstances. If the amount available under the loan is insufficient to pay interest when due, dating advice physical we are still obligated to pay that interest.

Board of Directors

SEC Info - G REIT Liquidating Trust - B1 on 7/22/02

We do not have any limitations or restrictions on the right to take such purchase money obligations. There can be no assurance that we will have any sources of funding available to us for repair or reconstruction of damaged property in the future. We attempt to adequately insure all of our properties against casualty losses.

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Moreover, the Trust Advisor has considerable discretion with respect to the terms and timing of disposition transactions. There can be no assurance regarding the amount of cash that ultimately will be distributed to the beneficiaries in connection with the Trust or the timing of the liquidation of the Trust. As of the date of this Annual Report on Form K, none of our properties are subject to a binding sales agreement providing for its disposition. Our Trustees are expected to issue annual reports to the beneficiaries showing our assets and liabilities at the end of each fiscal year and our receipts and disbursements for the period.

In addition, we could be held liable for indemnifying possible victims of an accident. Purchaser shall not be responsible for any amounts due to any employee work at the Property, including all wages and accrued benefits. The foregoing release and covenant not to sue shall not relate or apply to any of the covenants, agreements, representations or warranties of Seller set forth in this Agreement.

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If we are unable to find buyers for properties at our expected sales prices, our liquidating distributions to our beneficiaries may be delayed or reduced. Every payment of liquidating distributions will be subject to the availability of cash and the discretion of our Trustees. Risks related to property development may adversely affect our ability to dispose of our properties, which could delay or reduce the liquidating distributions to our beneficiaries. The beneficial interests in the Trust are expressed in terms of units for ease of administration, but they are not certificated.

We may become involved in this type of litigation as a result of the plan of liquidation. The fair value of payable to affiliates is not determinable due to its related party nature. Neither Seller nor its affiliates has received any notification of any material new or increased general or special tax assessments for the Property. We will instead, seek to refinance such debt at maturity or retire such debt through the disposition of the underlying property.

Restricted cash is comprised of credit enhancements and impound reserve accounts for property taxes, insurance, capital improvements and tenant improvements. We derive substantially all of our revenues from tenants under leases at our properties. Lack of geographic diversity may expose us to regional economic downturns that could adversely impact our operations or our ability to recover our investment in one or more properties.

The annual reports will also describe changes in our assets during the reporting period and the actions taken by our Trustees during the period. We currently operate as one reportable segment comprised of industrial real estate. These specified time frames require the reporting of changes in ownership. Measurement step two determines the amount of benefit that more-likely-than-not will be realized upon settlement. Interest expense including amortization of deferred financing costs.

Form 10 K Annual Report

Executive Management

  • Seller has timely and properly filed all Tax Returns required to be filed by it and has timely paid all Taxes required to be paid by it.
  • Booth received her Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Colorado.
  • First American Title Company.
  • There is no public market for our units of beneficial interests.
  • Because some of our principal tenants are U.

G Reit Liquidating Trust (GREL) 10K Annual Reports & 10Q SEC Filings

Officers & Directors

In addition, if our customers are concentrated in any particular industry, any adverse economic developments in such industry could expose us to additional risks. Total asset for estimated receipts in excess of estimated costs during liquidation. Fixed rate and variable rate. Purchaser shall bear the cost of all such inspections, tests and studies. The commercial real estate market has experienced a substantial influx of capital from investors in the past.

Fair Value of Financial Instruments. In such event, our beneficiaries may experience a delay in the distribution of the net proceeds of a sale until such time as the installment payments are received. Gain on sale of real estate. However, due to the long-term nature of the leases, among other factors, the leases may not re-set frequently enough to cover inflation.

We believe that we will have sufficient capital resources to satisfy our liquidity needs during the liquidation period. We expect that the majority of our customers will not have a corporate credit rating. Such expenses include employing its personnel, rent, telephone, equipment and other administrative expenses. To the extent that we have underestimated these costs in calculating our projections, professor dating grad students our actual net liquidation values may be lower than our estimates. Our beneficiaries will not be able to transfer their units other than in limited circumstances.

Related party accounts payable consists primarily of amounts due from us to our advisor and affiliates. There can be no assurance regarding the amount of cash that ultimately will be distributed to beneficiaries or the timing of our liquidation. Judgment upon the award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Our properties are concentrated in the industrial real estate sector and primarily in several of the largest distribution and logistics markets in the U.

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If property taxes increase, our customers may be unable to make the required tax payments, ultimately requiring us to pay the taxes even if otherwise stated under the terms of the lease. If the outstanding balance of the debt secured by the mortgage exceeds our tax basis in the property, we will recognize taxable income on foreclosure, best online dating but we would not receive any cash proceeds. Substantially all of our work is performed by employees of our advisor and its affiliates.

The options and restricted stock did not have a dilutive effect on earnings per share and, therefore, basic and diluted earnings per share were equivalent. Distributions received from unconsolidated properties. The consummation of the potential sales for which we will enter into sale agreements in the future will be subject to satisfaction of certain closing conditions.

The majority of our tenant leases provide protection from the impact of inflation. Decreases in property values may reduce the amount that we receive upon a sale of our remaining assets. The parties have submitted to binding arbitration of disputes under the Congress Center Agreement. These laws allow third parties to seek recovery from owners of properties for personal injuries associated with materials containing asbestos. All material obligations of the lessor under the Leases that have accrued to the date hereof have been performed or satisfied.

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