Fundamental of logic design 7th pdf

Non-volatile logic is a viable solution to overcome the leakage power issue which has become a major obstacle to CMOS technology scaling. This paper presents current mode logic gates using MTJ elements without any intermediate electronic circuitry. This efficient solution reduces the performance overheads fundamental of logic design 7th pdf the spintronic logic circuits while simplifying fabrication. Hspice based simulations have been carried out to verify the performance of different logic gates.

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Several recent works investigate the performance of smart base isolation systems and show that they can reduce base drifts without accompanying increases in acceleration that are seen with conventional passive isolation systems. To date, many viable smart base isolation systems have been proposed. MR damper are employed as the isolator and supplemental damping device, respectively, of the smart base isolation system. MR damper because the FLC has an inherent robustness and ability to handle non-linearities and uncertainties. The main purpose of employing a GA is to determine appropriate fuzzy control rules as well to adjust parameters of the membership functions. To this end, a GA with a local improvement mechanism is applied.

This method is efficient in improving local portions of chromosomes. Neuro-fuzzy models are used to represent dynamic behavior of the MR damper and FPS. The effectiveness of the proposed method for optimal design of the FLC is judged based on computed responses to several historical earthquakes. It has been shown that the proposed method can find optimal fuzzy rules and the GA-optimized FLC outperforms not only a passive control strategy but also a human-designed FLC and a conventional semi-active control algorithm.

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