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25 caliber semi-automatic type of gun commonly considered a Saturday night special. Saturday night special” under US or Canadian federal law. Some states define “Saturday night specials” or “junk guns” by means of composition or materials strength. Low cost and high availability free pdf of night of the gun these weapons attractive to many buyers despite their shortcomings.

The term is used to allude that the only reason for the manufacture of such a gun is for use in crime. In fact, studies show that criminals prefer high-quality guns, in the largest caliber they can easily conceal. The low-strength materials and cheap construction result in poor durability and marginal accuracy at longer ranges, but as most of these guns are designed for use in self-defense, accuracy and durability are not primary design goals. Handgun Imports Held Up by U. While Saturday night specials are commonly perceived as inexpensive, and therefore disposable after the commission of a crime, criminal behavior does not always conform to this expectation. A 1985 study of 1,800 incarcerated felons showed that criminals at the time preferred revolvers and other non-semi-automatic firearms over semi-automatic firearms. ATF in 1993, these included the Raven Arms .

25 caliber, Davis P-380 . 380 caliber, and Lorcin L 380 . However, the same study showed the most common firearm used in homicides was a large caliber revolver, and no revolvers of any kind appear on the top ten list of traced firearms. 45 gun manufacturers for creating what it called a “public nuisance” through the “negligent marketing” of handguns, which included models commonly described as Saturday night specials. The suit alleged that handgun manufacturers and distributors were guilty of marketing guns in a way that encouraged violence in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. NAACP were not “uniquely harmed” by illegal use of firearms and therefore had no standing to sue. Proponents of gun ownership argue the elimination of inexpensive firearms limits constitutionally protected gun rights for those of lesser means.

It’s racism in its worst form. Saturday night specials was ineffective or counterproductive. The people most likely to be deterred from acquiring a handgun by exceptionally high prices or by the nonavailability of certain kinds of handguns are not felons intent on arming themselves for criminal purposes, who are more likely to use stolen weapons, but rather poor people who have decided they need a gun to protect themselves against the felons but who find that the cheapest gun in the market costs more than they can afford to pay. 19th century laws restricting handguns to the Army and Navy pistol were the first “Saturday night special” bans. The Army and Navy Law prohibited the sale of “belt or pocket pistols, or revolvers, or any other kind of pistols, except army or navy pistols”, which were prohibitively expensive for black freedmen and poor whites to purchase. These were large pistols in . Civil War by both Union and Confederate ground troops.

The effect of the law was to restrict handgun possession to the upper economic classes. The Gun Control Act had other consequences. US with the original rugged fixed sight, thus creating the original unimportable configuration desired for police service use. US due to its inability to make the required number of points for import.

The other two Glocks model in . Most manufacturers in the US were not directly impacted by the Gun Control Act, as they were not subject to the import restrictions, and for the most part they did not manufacture compact, inexpensive handguns that competed with the banned imports. The demand for inexpensive handguns still existed and a number of new companies were formed to fill that gap. As a result, legislation against “junk guns” subsequently targeted the zinc frames used in construction by specifying a melting point. Law enforcement is also specifically exempted from these bans and regulations.

32, or having a barrel length of 105 mm or shorter, as “prohibited” weapons. This provision appears to have been specifically aimed at “Saturday night specials”. Exceptions are made for target pistols in these calibres used in international shooting competitions. The Saturday Night Special: An Assessment of Alternative Definitions From a Policy Perspective”.