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Children from low-income and minority families are often behind higher-income and majority children in language, cognitive, and social development focus on health hahn payne pdf before they enter school. Because educational achievement has been shown to improve long-term health, addressing these delays may foster greater health equity.

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FDK versus HDK among U. The meta-analysis was concordant with Community Guide criteria. The present review used evidence on the longer-term effects of pre-K education to explore the loss of FDK effects over time. FDK improved academic achievement by an average of 0.

The effect on verbal achievement was 0. K education found that better-designed studies indicated both residual benefits over multiple years and the utility of educational boosters to maintain benefits, suggesting analogous longer-term effects of FDK. There is strong evidence that FDK improves academic achievement, a predictor of longer-term health benefits. To sustain early benefits, intensive elementary school education is needed.

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