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Films by Madhur Bhandarkar. Meghna meets and befriends another struggling model, Maanav Arjan Bajwa. Meghna becomes an overnight success, ends her relationship with Maanav and begins an affair with Abhijit.

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Fashion also explores feminism and female power in Indian fashion. The film alludes several times to actual incidents, including a scene where Bhandarkar appears at a fashion show to research his upcoming film on the fashion industry. Now he is going to expose the fashion world. After realizing that she was deceived in her relationship, Meghna tells Abhijit's wife about their relationship, and Abhijit ends Meghna's contract with Panache. Fashion received several awards and nominations at ceremonies across India.

So when I heard the script, it was something new and much more challenging, more interesting and exciting. Godse who invests such sincerity into her role, that she makes the character a real flesh and blood person. Abhijit consoles her, and decides to replace Shonali with Meghna as Panache's new top model. British Board of Film Classification. However, she praised the performances.

Her make-up becomes lighter as she becomes a model and later a supermodel. It only has fashion as a backdrop. Hindustan Times, accessed via Highbeam Research.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She visits Maanav now an established model to apologize and learns that he is engaged.

Fashion ( film)

Just before Meghna walks the ramp, she receives a call from the police telling her that Shonali is dead from a drug overdose. Directorate of Film Festivals. Broken and depressed, Meghna lives in Chandigarh for over a year. Meghna accepts an offer from Rahul to be the star model of his show, but a day before the show Shonali vanishes.

Fashion Movie Jalwa Songs Mp3 Download

Fashion received a number of awards and nominations in categories ranging from the film itself to its direction, screenplay, music and acting. The cast also features several professional fashion models playing themselves. Fashion is a Indian drama film directed and co-produced by Madhur Bhandarkar. Salim-Suleiman have done a wonderful job as composers and have brought out the essence of the movie in a remarkable way. The soundtrack contains four original songs, diablo 2 full game blizzard one theme and five remixes.

Meghna gives up drinking and smoking, and as the film closes she walks the ramp in Paris.

Six months later, she agreed to appear in the film because of Bhandarkar's confidence in her. And it is on aspects like the personal story, the individual story, their ups and downs, their journey that I tried to capture. Soni's greatest challenge was to avoid a stereotypical homosexual character, instead subtly expressing his sexuality in his personality and relationships with the film's other characters. Critics praised its screenplay, cinematography, music, direction and performances.

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Bhandarkar was also unhappy with the first draft and agreed to rewrite the script. Theatrical release poster. Rita Dhody and Narendra Kumar were chosen to style the film's characters.

Abhijit includes Meghna in a fashion show organised by Vinay Khosla, but is replaced after a misunderstanding. Fashion Theatrical release poster. Chopra said she studied method acting to make her character seem real. The Fashion soundtrack album was composed by Salim-Sulaiman and the lyrics were written by Irfan Siddiqui. Kitu Gidwani, as the agency head who mentors our protagonist, Kitu strikes all the right notes, never once slipping out of character.

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When sober, she feels guilty and returns to her parents in Chandigarh. Bhandarkar, who is known for studying his subject matter to make his films as realistic as possible, researched the fashion industry for nearly eight months, attending fashion events and shows. Accessed by Highbeam Research. Godse, whose character is a failed model, has a carefree look. The fashion shows, the stunning models, the superb styling, the vibrant colours and the behind the scenes drama is worth every penny spent on the ticket.

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Fashion (2008) MP3 Songs

List of accolades received by Fashion film. Panache's top model is Shonali, but her drug abuse becomes problematic. Meghna pays the price of her increasing fame by losing her close friends due to her changed attitude towards them. Ditto for Kangana Ranaut who plays the eccentric superdiva with such a practiced hand, it almost seems like an effortless delivery. Against her father's wishes who wants her to become an accountant, Meghna leaves her home to find success in the modelling world.

She moves into an apartment with Maanav. When her career falters, Chopra's look becomes softer, demonstrating her character's lack of concern about her appearance before she returns to Mumbai. Rahul's mother becomes increasingly concerned about his sexual orientation so he asks Janet to marry him. Shonali's drug abuse worsens and she attends a rehabilitation clinic. Jha also wrote that the sequences between Chopra and Ranaut as the highlights of the film.