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Time 2 measures of hope, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. Exam 70-685 self training pdf-level random coefficient modelling revealed that each positive thinking variable was distinctive in some contexts but not others. Hope was a predictor of positive affect and the best predictor of grades, negative attributional style was the best predictor of increases in hostility and fear, and low self-esteem was the best predictor of increases in sadness.

We also found that sadness at Time 1 predicted decreases in self-esteem at Time 2. The results are discussed with reference to the importance of positive thinking for building resilience. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. The Wonderlic is available in 12 different languages and is often used in college, entry level jobs, and team-making efforts. It consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 12 minutes. The test was developed by Eldon F.

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The score is calculated as the number of correct answers given in the allotted time. The Wonderlic test was based on another test called the Otis Self-Administering Test of Mental Ability. Created in 1936 by E. Wonderlic, the Wonderlic Personnel Test was the first short-form cognitive abilities test. Regarding the time allotted to take the test, Eldon F. Wonderlic, in an article released in 1939, stated the following: “The length of the test was made such that only about two to five per cent of average groups complete the test in the twelve-minute time limit.

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