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Kim becomes pregnant after a one-night stand so she turns to her friends for help. One year later, Kim is a single mother. Francesca reprimands Kim for bringing Max with her and says that she would be fired if she does it again. Meanwhile, Deena tries to finish writing her book in a library and ends up hooking up with a guy.

That night, Francesca finally allows Kim to have a break and meet up with Nicolas who promised to buy her a drink earlier and they spend the night getting to know each other. They quickly form a relationship after Nicolas intently asks Francesca to have Kim take his dog in his house. Kim brings along Max with her yet again where she lies to Nicolas that Max is a child of one of her roommates and that she was just relied on to look after Max. Kim asks Deena to come with her on her date with Nicolas that evening where Deena agrees. Nicholas arrives along with his friend Henri, where they look to Deena as her roommate with the baby. Kim begs Deena to just go with the lie they’ve come up with where Deena responds that it wouldn’t take long enough for them to know that Kim is the one with a baby.

They have a double date where it seems that Deena and Henri are attracted to each other, although Henri dresses up in hippie clothing. The next day, Deena seems promoted from her career as a writer when someone could recognize her from an article she wrote. Kim on the other hand, seems to be an underdog as Francesca wouldn’t allow to invest in her own dog service business. Laura, the other roommate seems to be unstable as she has been shifting jobs every week.

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