Doctrine of virtue kant pdf

The following is another essay I wrote back in 2008. Is Doctrine of virtue kant pdf’s Doctrine of the Mean A Plausible Guide To Moral Goodness? Is Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean A Plausible Guide To Moral Goodness?

Virtue ethics retains a widespread influence today, particularly via its thirteenth century formulation by St. This essay endorses virtue ethics and argues that the doctrine of the mean is a plausible guide to moral goodness, but is not by itself adequate as a guide to all-things-considered moral rightness. He also radically disagreed with the Platonic Socrates’ view that no one does bad knowingly. Aristotle asserted that human nature was essentially rational and we have free will. He saw it as a matter-of-fact, common sense intuition we are conscious of our reasoning and thus, both aware and responsible for the acts we choose. This is firstly because it is a self-sufficient activity, rather than a process with a natural termination point, such as the doing of a favour for a friend.

It can be summarised as follows: all good things function well, the proper function of man is that which is distinctive to him, i. It is therefore most important for us to develop a like and a dislike for the right things and such attitudes will be engrained via practice. Thus the good is not found in rejecting inclination, as in Kant, but in following a correctly nurtured inclination. For Aristotle it is not of key importance that we follow our duty, as it is for Kant, but rather how we live. Virtue ethics also has the advantage over consequentialist theories that it offers an account of what it would it is like to be an agent following the theory.

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