Dmv nj written test pdf

Maryland and Alabama require a safety inspection on sale or transfer of vehicles which were previously registered in another state. 1984, and Dmv nj written test pdf’ program started in 1986. The Clean Air Act of 1990 required some states to enact vehicle emissions inspection programs. State impacted were those in metropolitan areas where air quality did not meet federal standards.

Some states, including Kentucky and Minnesota, have discontinued their testing programs in recent years with approval from the federal government. Delaware—annually or biennially, new cars are exempt from inspection for the first five years provided the car remains with the same owner. Hawaii—annually, with the following exceptions: Brand new vehicles receive an inspection valid for two years. Emergency vehicles, school vehicles, rental cars, and vehicles used in public transportation must be inspected every six months. Sticker placed on rear bumper to right on license plate. Illinois—According to Illinois EPA, “Ensure your vehicle is safe to operate.

However, as of September, 2012, people in most jurisdictions have the option of getting a sticker good for two years, rather than one, by paying double the usual fee. Color of sticker changes annually. Sticker placed in top center of windshield behind rear view mirror or lower left-hand corner of windshield. Stickers are placed in the lower right corner of the windshield. Sticker placed in lower left corner of windshield.

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