Dating wedgewood stove, anatomy of an old-house kitchen

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  1. The left rear burner is a storage space for pots the pots are still in it!
  2. Check the front of the stove for engraving or a name plate.
  3. Do you have the insert for the deep well cooker?
  4. Later models from the s were porcelain over steel.
  5. If it is olive green and looks quite modern, for instance, it's likely from the s since that color was popular at the time.

An illustrated list of Wedgwood Marks presented in chronological order

My mom has a glass-top unit with convection oven below and loves that as well. If an oven is not heating accurately, sometimes the thermostat just needs to be adjusted. Tip Local antique dealers are another potential source of information, especially if they sell vintage stoves. Your's looks to be the version. Insulated with cork and tar, corrugated cardboard, or fiberboard, they were a revolutionary answer to the issue of preventing spoilage.

Wedgewood stove repair Good person to repair old Wedgewood stove? Dec Can anyone recommend a good person to repair an old Wedgewood stove? How to Sell an Old Wedgewood Stove? We have renovated it beautifully, but the one thing we did not touch was the old Frigidaire stove we found on one side.

New replies are no longer being accepted. Not a Naturally Organized person? The clock is loud and charming I hope the tenants think so! If they're too far away, maybe they can recommend an old stove specialist in the East Bay.

Local antique dealers are another potential source of information, especially if they sell vintage stoves. Check high and low on the stove back for a plate or tag noting the stove's manufacturer, the model or patent number. She likes it but she doesn't loooooove it like I do. Buckeye Appliance repaired and re-chromed it and did a fantastic job.

Help me date my vintage stove

Antique stove collecting and restoration sites contain numerous photos, especially of old cast iron stoves. Introduced to the domestic kitchen in the s, refrigerators operating on electricity or gas-powered compressors were regular features in kitchens by the s. We had an O'Keefe and Merritt stove that was in terrible shape when we bought our home.

Handmade touches and classic neutrals transform a dark Massachusetts house into a beautiful home fit for a family. Arnold advises staying away from antique refrigerators made after the mid- s. But good luck to you, maybe it will be different since this was about two years ago now.

Anatomy of an Old-House Kitchen

Restored Antique Vintage Stoves Portfolio

They even gave me very useful info. Enclosed coal- and wood-burning cast-iron cooking ranges were in use in many homes by the late s women no longer had to cook meals in an open hearth. Like yours, it was from the time when Frigidaire was a subsidiary of General Motors. She cooked some great things in that deep well cooker!


Read about models similar to yours to gather more information and narrow your search terms until you are able to narrow down a specific time frame for your oven's manufacture. Circuspeanut, I am beyond impressed with your mechanical powers repairing clock. An angled mirror inside lets the cook view the oven's interior without opening the door.

Yes, I feel like an idiot. They were prompt and professional. Arnold believes Monitor Tops are more energy efficient than today's models, and, he adds, massage therapy dating clients they are almost bulletproof.

Stove and Range Parts - Atwood Wedgewood Stove Range Parts - GetRVParts

How to Date a Vintage Stove. So if a refrigerator part is missing or broken, it can be hard to locate. Perhaps even for a reasonable price? Santoro sells several how-to books on repairing stoves, and finds that many of the magazines readers are willing to fix their own antique stoves.

Wedgewood Stove

There should be a separate knob to control it. Santoro believes vintage stoves are easier to repair because they are put together with screws, rather than riveted together like newer models, dating a guy with multiple thus they are easier to take apart. He's quick to respond and very reasonable in his prices. Need help with an existing Houzz order? It had the griddle in the center.

Lisa I highly recommend Raynard not sure if that's his first name or his last. They wont adjust now and my freezer is now more like fridge temp! We had two ovens and the burner in the back on the left could be lowered to accommodate a recessed pot. Years ago we had it re-chromed and have since lost the contact information. Get the maximum return on your spruce-up dollars by putting your money in the areas buyers care most about.

Even replaced a missing dial on the front of the stove for free because he happened to have an extra in his bag. Looking for anyone who repairs the old O'Keefe and Merritt stoves some of the older homes around here come with. Trash bags, houseplants and a good cry all have their role when it comes to this major life change.

Wedgewood Vintage 1950 s Stove

1926 Hotpoint

Public Relations The History Of Wedgewood Stoves

He's done work on my vintage s Wedgewood. In the s, some manufacturers tried marbleized finishes in porcelain enamel. Cast iron stoves in particular can be extremely heavy so use care when attempting to move them. It would have been new in when my dad built our house. Outdoor Sofas and Sectionals.

Finishes went from porcelain to plastic, cords went from cloth to rubber, and tubing went from copper to aluminum. He also does small heating and plumbing jobs. Another common problem is rodent infestation, in which case the insulation would need to be replaced.

Wedgewood Vintage s Stove

Arnold has a s electric range and a Frigidaire refrigerator. They also were longer-lasting. Both Santoro and Arnold cook on antique stoves. The right door is the oven.

He did our O'Keefe and Merritt refresh back in and was great to work with and knowledgeable about the stove. Tap the past for inspiration, and duplicate details with faithful reproductions. They buy classic stoves like yours, dating man out of your refurbish them and then sell them.

  • Even then it was hard to find someone to work on it.
  • If they do, show them a picture of yours, or submit the image to a stove reconditioning site to learn more about your stove model.
  • About the Author Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists.

Buyer s Guide to Vintage Appliances - Old House Journal Magazine

Is there an individual or store out there that I could hire to do this? Want to re-create a period look in the heart of home? And how much can I expect to pay? They built those things well.

When gas and electric refrigerators became more readily available for the average homeowner in the s, the ice industry nearly collapsed. What wonderful innovative features appliances used to have. The Monitor Top is by far the most popular vintage refrigerator. He was recommended by an appliance parts supplier on San Pablo in Berkeley and he is very good.

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