D&d 5th edition monster manual 2 pdf

See the updated version of this homebrew variant at the bottom of this d&d 5th edition monster manual 2 pdf. The image links to a PDF I created.

Rants, reviews, short stories, etc. March 20, 2016 – See the updated version of this homebrew variant at the bottom of this page. There is a persistent misunderstanding about buying and selling magic items in 5th Edition: that there’s no market for it. Few people can afford to buy a magic item, and fewer still know how to find one.

Adventurers are exceptional in this regard due to the nature of their profession. A character who comes into possession of a common, uncommon, rare, or very rare magic item that he or she wants to sell can spend downtime searching for a buyer. This downtime activity can be performed only in a city or another location where one can find wealthy individuals interested in buying magic items. Legendary magic items and priceless artifacts can’t be sold during downtime. Finding someone to buy such an item can be the substance of an adventure or quest. I will go into further discussion of why this is easily the worst method below.

Suffice it to say, a magic item market exists, it’s just harder to break into than in previous editions. Part of the problem with selling magic items has to do with the paradox of their value and ubiquity. To illustrate how this can rapidly cause problems I would like to go back to everyone’s love-hate partner, 3rd Edition. A nonmagical item of up to 25,000 gp in value. Such an enterprise would immediately destabilize the global marketplace. Nonmagical items worth up to 25,000 gp would flood the market.

Mighty fleets of three-masted warships could be conjured faster than new sailors could be trained to crew them. Currencies based on the intrinsic value of the precious metals they contain would become obsolete as tons of gold, silver, and platinum were simply created and melted down into bars for trade. Additionally, an organization with Efreeti-powered mass production abilities would gain control of the entire magic market, and would shortly amass the capital to buy out all their competitors and establish a monopoly. Until, that is, another group of people managed to do the same. Magic items would eventually become ubiquitous and devalued, such that someone who couldn’t afford to get a new set of kitchen knives might simply grab one of the magic daggers hanging on the wall, stuffed under the floorboards, or propping up the wobbly table leg to finish preparing dinner. An attempt was made to balance this latter problem by imposing a limit on the value of magical items created by wish.

You could trade magic items worth 15,000 gp like nothing, but you’ll never find a magic item worth 15,001 gp available for cash. Anyone with even an amateur knowledge of economics can see how this kind of system is completely flawed. And yet, this is exactly the same mistake that Wizards of the Coast has repeated in how they managed magic items in 5th Edition. The first and most serious complication of using market value as a determining factor when dealing with magic items demonstrates just how little thought evidently went into the process of magic item creation in 5th Edition.

81-90                            You find a buyer offering full base price. You find a buyer offering 1. It doesn’t take a genius to see the problem with this system. For the time and investment that it takes to create a magic item, there is minimal opportunity for making a profit. In fact, you’re more likely to take a loss in your sale than you are to even recoup what it cost you to create the item!

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