D d 4e heroes of the feywild pdf

4th edition, Eladrin are instead a race of fey beings, closely akin to elves. Morwel and Vaeros were d d 4e heroes of the feywild pdf as examples of notable eladrins. 4th edition equivalent to High or Grey Elves.

All elven races have the humanoid type and the fey origin in 4th edition. They are resistant to cold and fire. Spritelike eladrins that serve more powerful beings as messengers and scouts. Wild and feral eladrins that can assume the shape of a whirlwind or zephyr of dust, snow, or sand. Red-haired elven eladrins that protect works of art and the artists who create them. Knights-errant of the celestials who quietly muster resistance and offer guidance to any of good heart. Ossa, the second layer of Arborea.

Arborea as the noble knights of the eladrin. Shiradis battle for freedom across the planes, helping the oppressed, deceived, and less fortunate. The ancient faerie lords of the eladrin, who roam seeking peace, beauty, and solitude. Oversees the defense of the Court of Stars and liberates eladrins captured by evil forces. Queen Morwel’s loyal champion and a barbarian of unparalleled ferocity. The ruler of the eladrins and the Court of Stars. Ascodel died fighting to defend these children on Androlynne.

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