D&d 3.5 fiend folio pdf

I may have to re-do it once the official new rules are published. It is unusual in that it is not your typical swarm. D&d 3.5 fiend folio pdf can contain any number of rats and the more rats the more powerful the swarm.

Let me know how you think I did on this. An individual cranium rat is almost indistinguishable from a normal rodent, except that a portion of its large brain is exposed and pulses with a soft glow. Singly, the creatures are also virtually identical to normal rats, but they are never encountered singly. I combined them to make the stat block below.

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A pack contains 30 rats. Cranium rats do not speak, but swarms containing 5 or more packs can communicate telepathically. 4 or less its intelligence is too low to cast spells. Any living creature that begins its turn with a swarm in its space must succeed on a Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round. The save DC is Constitution-based. DC 15 for np of 4 or less, DC 18 for np 5 to 9, DC 24 for np 10 or more.