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Enter the terms you wish to search for. Chief District Judge Daniel P. District Judge Louis Guirola, Jr. Chapter 1: Administrative Matters, Rules 1-19 of courtroom rules and procedures pdf Trial Court Rules.

Take me to the top of the page. The West Virginia Rules of Civil Procedure, the West Virginia Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the following rule subject areas called The West Virginia Trial Court Rules are declared to be of statewide concern and shall preempt and control in their form and content over any differing local rule. All circuit court local rules, including local procedures and standing orders having the effect of local rules, enacted before July 1, 1999, which are inconsistent with these Trial Court Rules or other rules of court are hereby repealed. Any existing circuit court local rule not in conflict with these Trial Court Rules or other rules of court must be timely submitted to the Supreme Court of Appeals in accordance with TCR 1. Said rule shall remain in effect, until it is rejected by order of the Supreme Court of Appeals.

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