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Instead, they indicate weaknesses in design that may be slowing down development or increasing the risk of bugs or failures in the future. Thus, a code smell is clean code robert martin pdf download driver for refactoring. Common wisdom suggests that urgent maintenance activities and pressure to deliver features while prioritizing time-to-market over code quality are often the causes of such smells”. Determining what is and is not a code smell is subjective, and varies by language, developer and development methodology.

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Occurs when a group of variables are passed around together in various parts of the program. In general, this suggests that it would be more appropriate to formally group the different variables together into a single object, and pass around only this object instead. It may indicate that the purpose of the function is ill-conceived and that the code should be refactored so responsibility is assigned in a more clean-cut way. A line of code which is so long, making the code difficult to read, understand, debug, refactor, or even identify possibilities of software reuse. This is usually a symptom of poor design. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Vol.