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Namoo House Uptown Parade BGC

The museum is closed on Mondays and selected official holidays. Their newest branch at Shangri-La Plaza boasts particularly dreamy interiors, with dramatic lighting to set the mood for a romantic night. Regular movie tickets are around P each so technically, watching a movie in general is recommended in this list. To prove that impressing your date is not directly proportional to emptying your wallet, we've curated seven date itineraries that won't put a dent in your pocket.

  1. Cuisine wise, the Le Petit Souffle serves up authentic French and Japanese cuisine that is reflected in their French and Japanese inspired interior.
  2. They screen under-appreciated indie films that are quite hard to come by at regular movie houses.
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  4. The simple-yet-tasteful table setting, complete with a freshly cut rose, also adds to the romantic ambience.
  5. Couples in the metro have plenty of options when dining on a budget we're not even counting the awesome dishes we've encountered in carinderias and food courts.

7 Budget-friendly Date Ideas That Will Cost You Less Than P500

With spaces for indoor and outdoor dining, this place is popular with couples looking to celebrate their special moments. Completing your profile entitles you to the latest updates, invitations to special events, and cool downloadable freebies! Somehow, stepping out of the house in the city seems to automatically entail spending. Follow the steps below to reset your password. No need to wait for the next payday to splurge on a buffet.

Take a meditation class together
10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Manila (2018 Edition)
  • The food, too, comes gorgeously plated and photoshoot-ready.
  • Skip the fancy dinner date or crazy night club and spend the evening battling it out over different board games at Ludo BoardGame Bar and Cafe.
  • Their floor staff are adept and always willing to explain how each game works.

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10 Affordable & Romantic Restaurants in Metro Manila
7 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in Manila

Cuisine wise, the Hippie Tipi serves western food such as pasta and pizza perfect for that romantic date. They also offer a wide range of steaks from a Prime Grade Ribeye Steak to wagyu, and lamb chops. Explore Intramuros and admire what remains of Spanish era architecture. It's old-fashioned, fun, and cute. The cut is only seasoned with salt to highlight the generous marbling of fat, classified dating uk which melts in your mouth in all its delicious savory flavor.

Tag along your fellow nerds and dine at these cafes that celebrate different hobbies, passions, and obsessions. You can do your romantic date night at home and still get the best food on your favorite restaurants by ordering online on Honestbee or Foodpanda that are all available on the cashback site. Take a meditation class together Monastery. Choose one barter item to bring to the class from the instructor's list.

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Put down your gadgets and turn off your gaming apps. Ludo Boardgame Cafe Corner Sct. For couples who are also interested in learning a new language together, the Monastery offers free Mandarin classes to their meditation students as well.

Best Date Restaurants in Metro Manila

7 Budget-friendly Date Ideas That Will Cost You Less Than P
15 Budget-Friendly Romantic Restaurants in Metro Manila

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And since the loser gets to treat the winner by the end of the day, you're excused to spend more time together over a cup of coffee or dessert. Their menu offers a variety of tasty appetizers and drinks, but their shelves display an even wider range in the several hundreds of games to enjoy. The bigger Hobbes and Landes stores have play areas where guests can freely test out the featured game of that month. This resto serves Filipino and Vegan cuisine, making the restaurant a good place to go meat-free. Pick a board game that the both of you haven't tried yet and play against each other.

Just ask the staff if they have a demo board game that you and your date can try out. However, we know a way on how you can watch a movie without paying anything! Friuli's Margherita Pizza. For overworked couples frazzled by big city living, take a few hours off for some silence, stillness, and refocusing of the mind at Ocean Sky Chan Monastery. For the couples looking to get away, the Hippie Tipi is a good fit.

And though it has become a mosaic of the traditional and the modern, its interesting and gritty aesthetic translates well onto film. With branches in Katipunan, Greenhills, and Eastwood, therapists dating patients this place is perfect for couples who want to preserve the sweetness in their relationships. These packages include complete set meals and customized decorations to set the mood for every occasion.

Compared to the rest of the Philippines, Manila is not the cheapest place to be. Dating in the city can be expensive, only if you don't know what you're doing. With monochromatic interiors and pictures on the walls, their restaurants are distinctive and highly identifiable. When it comes to creating the ideal setting for a romantic night out, you can be sure that garden-themed restaurants will always be on the list. But most of these restaurants and bars can charge big bucks for simply entering the venue.

Here are four restaurants where you can sample the different flavors of the world without putting a dent in your pocket. Besides that, go for their Soft-Shell Crab Salad, which features a deep-fried, soft-shell crabs paired with crisp greens, ripe mangoes, and a tangy balsamic vinegrette. Fortunately, all is not lost. In spite of that, smaller crowds are also welcome as long as you book in advance. From time to time, they also showcase Filipino indie films and works from other French-speaking countries Admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis no reservations.

Their honey-marinated Grilled Salmon with Miso and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes have been getting raves, both on social media and word-of-mouth, so that's one thing to look forward to. They also have a good selection of dessert wines to end the night on a sweet note. Photo from Ludo's Facebook Page. With its Filipino-Spanish stylings and historical facade, the restaurant is certainly one classy establishment.

15 Budget-Friendly Romantic Restaurants in Metro Manila

Last on this list is the Le Petit Souffle, the perfect romantic restaurant for couples that value convenience. For couples who appreciate music, poetry, and live performances, Conspiracy Garden Cafe is the romantic place to beat. For a date that falls on a Tuesday, include the Metropolitan Museum in the itinerary, to which admission is free on this day of the week. She's a self-proclaimed alien, passionately weird. But on a good night, mentally dating an anime character you can enjoy a decent steak date at this promising place.

Duck and foie gras take center stage at Bistro Manuel in straightforward yet indulgent dishes. Wood-heavy, understated interiors add an air of elegance to this restaurant, and will make you and your S. The next of the romantic restaurants on this list is the Pino Restaurant in Quezon City. As for the food, Japanese food fans will enjoy the Japanese cuisine in addition to the Filipino cuisine that they serve.

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Although dining in the Metro Manila may be generally expensive, there are definitely affordable romantic restaurants to be found if you care to look. Hand in hand, discover what Metro Manila has to offer in the Arts and Culture department. One of the greatest things about Manila is that the local music scene is very lively. Can you think of more fun ways to enjoy a date without shelling out too much money? Most of the dishes are European-inspired starters like the Escargot Bourguignon or vineyard snails cooked in Grana Padano and garlic-herb butter, and Prawn Bisque with prawns poached in truffle oil.

An order will automatically get you a salad and a soup, too. You can even ask them to customize your table setting for you and your date. Cuisine wise, Ninyo serves a modern blend of Asian and European food and of course complemented by a wide selection of wine. The restaurant offers romantic date packages where you and your special someone can sit privately away from prying eyes.

Players can stay for as long as they want, with a minimum of one order per person. To join, visit their website and check out the schedule of classes. In general, you would think that meals in romantic restaurants around Metro Manila are rather expensive and unsustainable in the long run. Marvel at the reminders of how Manila once looked and snap away.

With sleek black-and-white interiors, golden chandeliers, and an industrial aesthetic, Pablo is one of the best-looking restaurants in the Metro. Playing board games makes for a better date activity, especially when you're just at that getting-to-know-you-stage. This easy-to-miss restaurant in Quezon City has probably witnessed more wedding proposals than most other places north of the Metro. For couples that enjoy viewing the scenery, the Nipa Hut Restaurant is an amazing choice. Ludo's staff is ready to assist diners and give a tutorial on how to play the rarer titles.

Go on an indie film date Cinema. Although their chocolate drinks and delicious drinks are the main attraction, updating an iphone they serve tasty comfort food as well. Not sure about what to play? View this post on Instagram. Read Next Save to wishlist.

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It can get quite hot and messy in here so save this for later dates. Marionne Lirios Marionne is a nocturnal introvert who loves to read books, watch movies and series, cuddle cats, and write stuff. Chef Jessie takes sea bass to the next level with her Pan Fried Sea Bass With Goose Liver, with the fresh fish topped with a generous helping of savory foie gras. For most couples looking to maintain the romance in the relationship, choosing a place to eat is a rather stressful dilemma.

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