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It is wrong if he publish translations as his own. So he had the evil Professor Moriarty push Holmes down the falls. Conan Doyle's stories, translator Mr.

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Watson's box since the character itself Dr. It is better if Chandana Mendis introduce this new series as if he gave birth to it rather than saying he found the box of Dr. The public reaction to the death was unlike anything previously seen for fictional events. But at the time, Conan Doyle had every reason to be shocked by the torrent of vitriol. Anyway we are proud about you Mr.

Chandana Mendis writing his own stories which are compiling by himself and not that he is stealing it from someone else and as a initiation he mentioned that he found these stories from Dr. Chandana Mendis must be thanked for his excellence skills in translating which are able to convey the enthusiasm as original English books to Sri lankan readers.

His dedication towards searching and creating new adventures of Sherlock Holmes is evident by the recorded sales and the enthusiasm of Holmes fans each year at the annual Book Fair. He further said that sometimes those facts are not even relevant to the stories but just the personal ideas and beliefs of the authors and omitting something like that would not harm the story value. Best known for the translations of Sherlock Holmes, the magnificent character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chandana Mendis is also a novelist as well as a short story writer.

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There was an American book call Dr. Because he wrote that as a second story of Madol Doowa, which is fantastic in my opinion. If he does it, he will definitely be much appreciated and respected.

Japanese fans pore over Sherlock manga. But Conan Doyle did the dirty work from his home in London where he wrote.

The Sherlock Holmes stories were written by Conan Doyle who was able to take readers to another dimension. When he returned he opened a private dental clinic where he found time to write. Maybe these are people who simply ignore laws. His translated short story collection Veena Wadakaya was awarded the best translated book award at the State Literary Festival. There was an interest for literature building up from that time.

This made most readers upset. The magazine barely survived. We immediately contacted the translator as well as the publishing company and informed them about the permission he have with a copy of the agreement.

Chandana Mendis prakashana Book Rack

Although there is a law to prevent people from translating or adapting stories of another writer, there are still people who are not aware of this international law. He needs a Watson, so she creates Captain Hastings. As mentioned earlier when he first translated The Hound of the Baskervilles, nobody wanted to publish it since he was a stranger to the field. Otherwise it would be unfair.

Then I understood the matter. Everywhere you go, this is the model. He also explained the process of getting permission for translation from the original writer or the proprietor of the book. He retired from dentistry in and now he gives all his time for literature. We got through to so-called author and later he admitted he copied my book and destroyed all the copies.

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In other words, pushing Sherlock Holmes off a cliff has no chance of killing him. Keep in Touch with Friends. Fans simply did not do this before then.

Some stories seem to be written by Chandana mendis indicating that they are written by Conan Doyle. Millions around the world hug the books warmly. Recent years these books were translated into Sinhala by Chandana Mendis.

Ans also this bugger says that he has more stories to translate. But when I searched on the internet, cover action pro it was found that many other authors used charactors of Conan Dolys's stories to create their own stories. Therefore I constructed my own version of the story based on these characters.

Holmes fans were truly the emerging middle-class, the exact sort of group whose tastes would be denigrated by snooty critics as populist for more than a century to come. Readers lined up at newsstands for The Strand on publication day whenever a new Holmes story was to appear inside.

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We should thank Nuwan for bringing this up. When I paid that amount through a bank they sent an agreement form. According to Mendis translating something exactly as it is, is not a successful translation method. However translations done by Chandana Mendis were very successful and were able to attract many readers throughout the Sri lanka.

This brings fame and wealth to Conan Doyle. The only thing was that I was not given an old trunk full of Dr. Holmes fans have only grown more obsessive since then. When I forwaded this question to my friends some told me those are the stories were orginally written by Chandana Mendis.

He wanted to be Sir Walter Scott. Conan Doyle may have thought, at the time of finishing Holmes off in print, that that was that. But instead of being creative, copying some others story is not so good. This guy indicates that they are originals by Conan doyle, or he says that he found the file box of Dr. The demand for Holmes stories seemed endless.

Shelton Weerasinghe, an English literate who later became the principle of Wesley College. His language is simple with short sentences which are easy to understand. He also spoke about the frauds in the field.

So I started reading and doing translations during my free time. He also pointed out that some information in western books is not suitable for Sri Lankan culture. Fox or Danny who steals pheasants with his dad which justifies stealing is one such example. Chandana Mendis admitted that he also has omitted some details from the books he had translated. Newer Post Older Post Home.