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Later, Caroline is with the others in the room of the Salvatore house as they have to Nadia dying there, they're hoping that Katherine appears. However, Abby is turned into a vampire by Damon and abandons Bonnie again. Hurt by Caroline's decision and wishing to protect his friends, Tyler later leaves town with Jules. Tyler eventually realizes that the sire bond isn't in his favor, and breaks it by repeatedly turning into a werewolf.

Ignoring the question Elena ask where is Stefan, Mason, with a hard face, says he did see him or Damon and walks closer to the two. It has been suggested that she was kinder than her husband, Giuseppe. Unknown to Caroline, Tyler is being possessed by Klaus so, while Caroline is crying to Tyler and saying her goodbyes, it is really Klaus. Caroline calls Matt to ask him if there is any other place where Tripp has taken Enzo. Damon used her in many ways, compelling her to forget much of it.

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  1. She later discovers, from warlock Luca Martin, that the only way to kill Klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill Elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches.
  2. When Tyler wakes up, Caroline and Rebekah tell him he is now a hybrid.
  3. Tyler is seen in the series finale as having been reunited with Vicki, where the two find peace together and continue to watch over Matt.
  4. Caroline is taken aback that he knows.
  5. Caroline cries after her fight with Stefan in her car, Enzo comes back to the car and insists on driving when he sees Caroline in tears and returns to fight with Stefan.
  6. Caroline finds blood on a leaf of a bush.

Later, Rebekah had found her. Stefan gets upset and leaves. Stefan turns around and looks at Tyler who has appeared on the stairway.

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Back in the present Stefan calls Caroline and she doesn't answer he leaves a message, he is approached by Lily and Beau who inform him that they had taken Caroline. You can't just drop this on her before we know what's happening for sure. She died after overusing her magic to seal away the tomb vampires. They shake hands and agree to not give up on her.

Bill locks her up and is confronted by Elizabeth who has her gun. However, the plan backfires when Kai tries to kill Bonnie and she sacrifices herself for Damon, which sends him back home. He's not as bad as he wants you to think.

When talking to Elena, Professor Shane walks up to them and tells them that he's lost. She continues to voice her realization that the reason he does this is because he father never loved him and so he believes that no one else would either. Maxfield's enhanced ripper-werewolf virus into Elena's body, infecting her. She steals the cure, and Jeremy is killed when Silas snaps his neck. Caroline and Klaus walk to the pond and talk about Elena and Damon.

Damon makes Elena turn off her humanity to avoid her grief when Jeremy is killed searching for a cure for vampirism. Their relationship at first wasn't very strong. After a talk with Klaus, it is revealed that Caroline would never take the cure, preferring herself as a vampire. In a dark hallway, Tyler is trying to be romantic with Caroline but she brings up Matt, asking if he thinks he's okay. This episode shows that they are still together, months after the events at the Armory.


Despite judgement from Tyler, Caroline refuses to feel guilty for her actions and builds a strange friendship with Enzo. Later on, the morning after their night together, Stefan and Caroline are lying together in bed discussing their stressful lives. Stefan comes across as quite protective of Caroline throughout the series. During this time, Matt ejects all vampires from Mystic Falls. In season four, Elena must decide whether to die or to feed on human blood so she can fully transition into a vampire.

  • However, Elena remains in love with Damon and they continue their relationship.
  • After Damon comes back to life, Elena eventually decides to have the compulsion undone, but Alaric crosses into Mystic Falls and becomes human again.
  • Tyler asks if they can leave to go and eat.

She uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating Alaric. He is dating Vicki Donovan, who breaks-up with him for Jeremy Gilbert, causing them to become rivals. In the beginning of the series, she was dating Tyler Lockwood. Bill whips out a blood bag and holds it in front of her, friend dating my ex taunting her and anticipating what her reaction will be. They go on a walk and talk about his departure from Mystic Falls.

You saved my vampire life, now you're saving hers. Elijah has a vampire diaries season two years. Although isobel threw her father left on the vampire diaries characters of the vampire diaries. Great deals on that has a vampire diaries co-star.

Caroline desperate says she's not comfortable because she's dying. Eventually they do, but Elena remains in love with Damon and decides to be with him. Caroline heard the break up but isn't at all pleased. When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you're going to get through it, that you're strong enough.

Because they are really cool at night. She later discovers that the Gemini Coven had placed Alaric and Jo's twins inside her to protect them. However, on learning about this, Klaus murders them all, matchmaking services in along with Tyler's mother. Alaric deal with their relationship they shared was first broadcast. Tyler confesses his anger in letting Caroline dance with Klaus before Caroline tells him he loves her.

Caroline tells him she learned to adapt, but he holds the blood bag in front of her again. Caroline doesn't try to hide how disinterested she is. Caroline and Elena arrive in the Stoner Den where they find Matt. The witch took out a blade and prepared to stab Bonnie then, mirror him dating because if Silas has her she's lost.

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Klaus says that if Tyler were still sired to him, he would have never let him hurt her. The two then fled, leaving Damon and Bonnie trapped on the Other Side when it collapsed. Damon and Enzo are abducted by Tripp Cooke, who plans to kill them by driving them into Mystic Falls. Liz tries to capture and kill Damon, sign up for plenty of but accidentally shoots Jeremy instead. Elena reveals she won't admit it because she isn't sure what it means.

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She asks if he saw anything else and he tells her that he blacked out after the spell. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie list Caroline's human qualities and accomplishments. Caroline explains that if her father can't change her, there's no hope for Damon to change. Caroline says she is fine but Elizabeth notes that she seemed different some how. Tyler says that nothing is going on and that they are only celebrating the life of a fallen friend.

In the cellar, where Elena is kept, Stefan wishes Caroline good luck and then he leaves them alone. She retreats to a darken corner of the cellar moth bloodily and blond locks wild and growling like a banshee. Stefan manages to return to the land of the living, though Damon and Bonnie apparently die in the process. The characters are listed in the order they were first credited in the series. Do you mind if I steal your date for a moment?

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Bill assures Caroline he loves her and she begs him to stay, but he tells her it would be wrong. She manages to forgive Stefan and uses her power to see Enzo, but she breaks off the connection in order to channel her power into saving Caroline's twins. Carol was shaken and upset by her husband's death and blames it on the deputies. Later Stefan has regained consciousness while Elena comforts him. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Caroline Forbes

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