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How about a ZERO INTEREST? Let’s discuss the basic framework first. Cash advances on work-related compensation is not included. It is the person to whom credit is extended. This includes interest, fees, service charges, discounts, and such other charges incident to the extension of credit as the BSP Monetary Board may by regulation prescribe. An interest rate is the rate at which interest is paid by a borrower for the use of money that they borrow from a lender. For example, a small company borrows capital from a bank to buy new assets for their business, and in return the lender receives interest at a predetermined interest rate for deferring the use of funds and instead lending it to the borrower.

Interest rates are normally expressed as a percentage of the principal for a period of one year. WHAT’S THE LEGAL RATE OF INTEREST? The suspension of the Usury Law and the removal of interest ceiling, the parties are free to stipulate the interest rates to be imposed on monetary obligations. However, while the Supreme Court recognizes the right of the parties to enter into contracts, this rule is not absolute.

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Stipulated interest rates are illegal if they are unconscionable and the Court is allowed to temper interest rates when necessary. In exercising this vested power to determine what is iniquitous and unconscionable, the Court must consider the circumstances of each case. What may be iniquitous and unconscionable in one case, may be just in another. Indeed, there is no hard and fast rule to determine the reasonableness of interest rates. The SC also voided the stipulated interest of 5.

The most common is the non-disclosure of the complete set of charges that will be added to the loan amount. Some lending companies, Savings and Loan Associations and even Credit Cooperatives do this during the promotion or recruitment to entice more borrowers or members to join in. It is either they don’t explain completely the information on this particular topic and simply highlight the other parts like the low interest rates or they don’t tell about it at all until the unsuspecting recruit files a loan application later on. They employ a deceptive method of hiding the complete set of finance charges and simply disclose these issues when the member is already filing the loan application form.