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Was it necessary not to keep it in his pants after he met the h and was apparently attracted to her? Her more because of an ex and him because he is married to his job. Brilliantly written, the story instantly captured my attention.

This book is just as good as the first which I wasn't expecting after my lukewarm feelings towards Harlow to start with. He was soooo full of himself, mask surf for mac that I honestly expected him to explode somewhere in the middle of the story. Scott is your typical god in white with everything that entails. She has been anti-relationship ever since.

He's not about to give the gossip lovers anything to talk about. Harlow, though, makes her disdain quite apparent. She is a complete ball buster, and challenges him verbally every single chance she gets. Though, Scott has no relationship experience, he adores Harlow and wants more from her. Who to blame for this killer happiness?

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Unfortunately, I had a hard time connecting to the female character in this book. Check out this series of ebooks, made in Book Creator. The twist half way through was rich and the circumstances were surprising. Community With over dedicated Book Creator Ambassadors from all corners of the globe, we listen to and work with educators to make Book Creator as good as it can be. Unleash student creativity Book Creator is a simple tool for creating awesome digital books.

Definitely a reread book for sure. This one didn't really do as much for me as the first one. Erotic is the one patching her up. So, let's get started, shall we?

And to be honest, I wouldn't be mad if we were able to get some backstory on the parental units that come from any of these series, that is how well they are written. Shepard's turn, but I think we should kick things off with Harlow, our feisty leading lady. Because he's not one to ever want to have a serious relationship and a white picket fence. Ladies, get out those kitchen mitts, cause you're going to need them to hold your E-readers! Downright dangerous to a woman's control.

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His love interest is Harlow who is also a comittaphobe, a spitfire, and a good time girl. Or will Scott's reputation and image be too damaged for him to trust another female again? All of this passion between Scott and Harlow serves as a foundation for developing a relationship. For some reason, I couldn't get into this one.

Sure, inside she was swooning but damn if she easily showed it. Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand.

Dr. ER (St. Luke s Docuseries 2) by Max Monroe

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Putting publishing into the hands of students. This was Harlow and Scott's story.

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But for the most part she was sassy and made him chase her. This light-hearted, hilarious, and sexy as sin romance had me swooning from head to toe. They just also add that extra something to the story. Once their relationship began, I started liking her.

Dr. ER (St. Luke s Docuseries 2) by Max Monroe

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Overall, I'd give this one a chance, but don't expect too much. Every time I pick up a book from Max Monroe, I don't think it can top the last one but I'm wrong every time. The needing a dick to put a smile on her face is where we first meet up with Harlow.

Other books in the series. You will laugh, you will cringe, and you'll most definite burn up from the heat.

Max Monroe build an interesting conflict between the two. But Scott proves to be more determined and irresistible than Harlow first thought, and soon enough, she gives in to Dr. Jon Smith, Technology Integration Specialist. These two were interesting individually but they were even more magnetic together. While the first subject of the series, Will Cummings his story was Dr.

He doesn't let viewers see how he interacts with women. Erotic, is very interesting. The way Scott and Harlow meet is epic especially the circumstances in which Harlow finds herself needing Scott's assistance and the banter between Scott and Harlow was hilarious.