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Diode lasers which emit light at 445 nm are becoming popular as handheld lasers. Light of a shorter wavelength than 400 nm is blue beam scan to pdf as ultraviolet.

But a mismatch between the structures of sapphire and gallium nitride created too many defects. LED, and four years later, the first blue laser. 100 defects per square centimeter — at least 10,000 times better than the best sapphire-supported crystal. In 1999, Nakamura tried Polish crystals, producing lasers with twice the yield and ten times the lifetime — 3,000 hours at 30 mW.

A further development of the technology has led to mass production of the device. After 10 years, Japanese manufacturers mastered the production of a blue laser with 60 mW of power, making them applicable for devices that read a dense high-speed stream of data from Blu-ray, BD-R, and BD-RE. Polish technology is cheaper than Japanese but has a smaller share of the market. The shorter wavelength allows it to read discs containing much more information. Neodymium-doped crystals usually produce a principal wavelength of 1064 nm, but with the proper reflective coating mirrors can be also made to lase at other non-principal neodymium wavelengths, such as the 946 nm transition used in blue-laser applications.

Output powers available are up to 5000 mW. 946 nm laser radiation to 473 nm laser radiation. In practical applications, one can expect this to be even lower. Due to this low conversion efficiency, use of a 1000 mW IR diode results in at most 150 mW of visible blue light. 445 nm through 465 nm blue laser diodes are currently available on the open market. The devices are significantly brighter than 405 nm laser diodes, since the longer wavelength is closer to the peak sensitivity of the human eye. This page was last edited on 31 January 2018, at 03:07.

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