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This package is a collection nude patches and more modifications for Mass Effect 3. Further documentation is available here. This article is about the civilian hobby. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Although there may be disagreements as to whether a particular game qualifies as a wargame or not, a general consensus exists that all such games must explore and represent some feature or aspect of human behaviour directly bearing on the conduct of war, even if the game subject itself does not concern organized violent conflict or warfare. Historical games form by far the largest group. These games are based upon real events and attempt to represent a reasonable approximation of the actual forces, terrain, and other material factors faced by the actual participants.

Fantasy and science fiction wargames either draw their inspiration from works of fiction or provide their own imaginary setting. Games involving conflict in other arenas than the battlefield, such as business, sports or natural environment are similarly usually excluded. These games were at the height of their popularity during the 1970s, and became quite complex and technical in that time. These games often require a considerable study of the rules before they can be played. Because of these attitudes, there are many games and types of games that may appear to be a wargame at first glance, but are not accepted as such by members of the hobby, and many that would be considered debatable. Earth and is unabashedly about sending out armies to conquer the world. However, it has no readily-discernible timeframe, and combat is extremely abstract, leading many to not consider it as an actual wargame, or only tangentially as one.

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