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Calder’s monumental stationary sculptures are called stabiles. He also produced wire figures, which are like art institute houston course pdf catalog made in space, and notably a miniature circus work that was performed by the artist.

His actual birthday, however, remains a source of much confusion. Calder was born on August 22, yet his birth certificate at Philadelphia City Hall, based on a hand-written ledger, stated July 22. When Calder’s family learned about the birth certificate, they reasserted with certainty that city officials had made a mistake. Paris from around 1888 until 1893. That same year he also completed his earliest sculpture, a clay elephant.

The children were reunited with their parents in late March 1906 and stayed at the ranch in Arizona until fall of the same year. The windowed cellar of the family home became Calder’s first studio and he received his first set of tools. He used scraps of copper wire that he found in the street to make jewelry for his sister’s dolls. Pasadena, where he observed a four-horse-chariot race. This style of event later became the finale of Calder’s miniature circus performances. That Christmas, he sculpted a dog and a duck out of sheet brass as gifts for his parents.

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The sculptures are three-dimensional and the duck is kinetic because it rocks when gently tapped. We even lit up some cars with candle lights”. New York City, where Stirling Calder rented a studio. In each new location, Calder’s parents reserved cellar space as a studio for their son. Calder graduated with the class of 1915.

An intuitive engineer since childhood, Calder did not even know what mechanical engineering was. I was not very sure what this term meant, but I thought I’d better adopt it,” he later wrote in his autobiography. When asked why he decided to study mechanical engineering instead of art Calder said, “I wanted to be an engineer because some guy I rather liked was a mechanical engineer, that’s all. He was well-liked and the class yearbook contained the following description, “Sandy is evidently always happy, or perhaps up to some joke, for his face is always wrapped up in that same mischievous, juvenile grin.

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