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This article is antigone sophocles translation pdf free the daughter of Oedipus. Polynices, had shared the rule jointly until they quarrelled, and Eteocles expelled his brother. In Sophocles’ account, the two brothers agreed to alternate rule each year, but Eteocles decided not to share power with his brother after his tenure expired.

Both brothers were killed in the battle. Thebes after the death of the brothers, decrees that Polynices is not to be buried or even mourned, on pain of death by stoning. Antigone, Polynices’ sister, defies the order, but is caught. In the oldest version of the story, the burial of Polynices takes place during Oedipus’ reign in Thebes, before Oedipus marries his mother, Jocasta. Oedipus and Antigone’s struggles against Creon. Antigone is brought before Creon, and states that she knew Creon’s law regarding no mourning for Polynices but chose to break it, expounding upon the superiority of ‘divine law’ to that made by man.

She puts the will of the gods ahead of man-made laws, responding to the decision of not granting Polynices a burial with courage, passion and determination. Antigone being locked in a tomb on Creon’s orders. Antigone has hanged herself in the tomb. King Creon, also kills herself following her son’s death. Different elements of the legend appear in other places.

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When the boy grows up, he attends some funeral games at Thebes, and is recognized by the mark of a dragon on his body. This leads to the discovery that Antigone is still alive. Creon to forgive Hæmon, but in vain. Hæmon then kills Antigone and himself.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Antigone is figured as exposing a tragic rift between the so-called feminine “Divine Law,” which Antigone represents, and the “Human Law,” represented by Creon. BAM Harvey Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. The performance features Juliette Binoche as Antigone, with Ivo van Hove as the director. The play ran from September 24 to October 4, 2015. An examination of the legacy of the myth and its treatment in Western art, literature, and thought in drama, poetry, prose, philosophic discourse, political tracts, opera, ballet, film, and even the plastic arts. New York: Columbia University Press.