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Do you want to know when and where the next Android development conference is? Check out our conferences list! Post a job in our next issue and reach thousands of android developers around the world. You’ve missed an issue of our newsletter? 21 allows Kotlin projects to make use of build caching. Roman Belov introduces how to make use of this new feature.

Kotlin on Android is the future while Java is the past. Localization boosts registrations, app usage, and revenue. Dmytro Khmelenko explains how he keeps his development speed and manage to ship fully localized new features often. Sebastiano Poggi shows how to make sure you never, ever commit code that has not been properly formatted, using an extremely powerful feature of Git, some Gradle hacks, and a simple script. Mohamed Ibrahim shares this quick walkthrough of the Android Architecture components and how you can benefit from them. Joe Birch looked through the documentation for KTX and thought he’d write some notes on it as an overview. Room from the Architecture components.

Max Wiechmann shares an example of an elegant way to instantiate Kotlin data classes from JSON with default values and null safety. Eric Decanini shows how Cloud Firestore’s security rules are more flexible and easier to write than those of the Realtime Database. In Kotlin multiplatform project you probably have business logic in a common module. Marcin Moskala shows that this is really convenient in Kotlin.

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