A handbook of urology for students and practitioners pdf

Now thoroughly updated by Drs. Selection of the subject matter a handbook of urology for students and practitioners pdf order of its presentation are based on the authors’ many years’ experience in teaching this material to thousands of medical, pharmacy, dental, podiatry, nursing, and other health science students.

To be as clinically relevant as possible, the book includes sections that specifically address the clinical choice and use of drugs in patients and the monitoring of their effects, and case studies that introduce clinical problems in many chapters. It is designed to help practicing radiologists, cardiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons understand the current issues involved with clinical, interventional, and surgical management of coronary artery CTA. Each case consists of detailed CCTA images, a brief history, diagnosis, discussion, and pearls and pitfalls. This updated and expanded edition includes new chapters on principles of cardiac CT, patient preparation, cardiomyopathies, pediatric cardiac CT, cardiac CT in the emergency department, CT-FFR, and reporting cardiac CT.

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