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Our mission is to improve learning by building capacity in schools, families, and communities through applied research and development. Education Northwest is taking an opportunity to look at Black History Month through the lens of the future by honoring outstanding student a different kind of teacher pdf from across the region. Portland for the latest in our series of casual discussions on some of the most pressing issues in education.

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This time, we look at ways to improve scholarship programs to better support student success. For a minority-majority school in Washington state, building and retaining a high quality and diverse teaching staff means overcoming challenges and bucking the teacher shortage trend. We’re going to invest a tremendous amount of time, money and energy in our teachers,” Pasco High School Principal Raúl Sital writes on our blog. We can’t afford to make mistakes. More importantly, our students can’t afford it. High-quality teachers are crucial for student success.

What does the research say about recruiting and retaining teachers with high skill levels? Find out in this brief from the Northwest Comprehensive Center. Does providing early-career teachers with highly skilled mentors have an effect on student achievement? Read the findings from our rigorous study on the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project. Read about how the Lane ESD’s Teacher Pathway program is creating opportunities and encouragement for underserved high school students to pursue teaching careers. From the Oregon Leadership Network blog. Regional Educational Laboratory Northwest is one of 10 regional educational laboratories across the nation dedicated to improving the use of research and data in policy and classroom practice.