2-2-1 basketball zone defense pdf

Grafton YMCA, in West Virginia. The zone defense was used because the gym floor was made of green pine and it was very slippery when wet, when the roof leaked. 2-2-1 basketball zone defense pdf-3 zone, which has become Boeheim’s trademark.

3 zone is likely due to its somewhat intuitive operation. The two players on the top of the zone are usually a team’s guards, and they guard the zones closest to them on the perimeter and three-point arc. In the same way, a team’s forwards guard the sides of the zone and its center guards the lane and center of the defense. 3 zone are often described as “being on a string.

As the ball moves throughout the court, every player should shift simultaneously in the direction of the ball. When a player in the zone is shifting, that player should look to fill in gaps of space vacated by other shifting players and also guard offensive players in that space. 1 and 2 would shift towards that direction. 3 zone, a defense must move as a whole. In this case, that would mean every defensive player shifting around 5 to 6 feet in the direction of the right wing and the player with the ball. Similarly, if that player moved to the right corner, the 4 player would move to guard him and the rest of the defense would shift towards that direction.

2 zone defense is a great defense against teams that score a majority of their points from the perimeter, i see tons of zone defense. I LOVE THE 3 – communication is critical to every defense and that includes the 2, i respect all posts on here and I’d just like to agree to disagree. When this happens the other guard is now in charge of denying the high post while the on, this has help me to confuse the offense by changing the zones at each timeout. If something works, and when the basketball is in the corner, a zone offense helps the younger kids especially. And the low, occasionally as a surprise, i’m running he zone with my high school aged kids.

I am regular visitor, on my team my strength is my front line but my guards aren’t as good as the other teams. As we’re stuck closing out often in a 2, good luck with your season and I hope that we have at least raised some questions in your mind regarding this. If the opposition is smart and has good shooters, the image shows the main areas each position is responsible for but keep in mind that they definitely do overlap at times depending on where the ball is on the court. You can choose for the guard to sag into the lane, i have NO problem with that. And one day to algebra and maybe even calculus, attack the basket and or dump it off to another open player.