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Die Sendung 13 1 2 lives of captain bluebear pdf der Maus Logo. The show first aired on 7 March 1971. German law prohibited television for children under six years of age. The show has received over 75 awards.

On 7 March 1999 the program’s Internet site was launched and received 2,400 e-mails and 4 million hits on the first day. The Mouse in a Germany Show called The Festival of Germany. Aimed at young children, the program has a magazine format, with several segments, some humorous, others educational presented in a simple, straightforward manner. Many of the show’s early viewers are now adults whose children are forming the second generation of viewers. 10 or 12 and then come back at the age of 18.

These are punctuated by a short cartoon with the mouse, often with one or more of its friends. When he appears on the stage he has a loud trumpeting. He likes to sleep, or to laugh when the mouse has done something wrong. He appears in many of the Mouse-Spots. She is less frequently in the mouse-spots than the elephant.

The voice-over is then repeated in a foreign language. The foreign language changes every week. Between the show’s segments are “mouse spots”, hand-drawn cartoons of 30 to 100 seconds that feature the orange mouse and its friends, a small blue elephant and a yellow duck. None of the characters speak. Rather, sound effects and music comprise the soundtrack as the characters interact and solve problems. The animated interludes serve to separate the segments, offering young viewers a moment to relax, avoiding sensory overload from too rapid a succession of input. They were very well-made with very good photography and he got the idea to make “commercials” about reality.

The first production answered the question, “Where do hard rolls come from? Some 400 letters a week arrive at the production office, and a large part of each show is used for such features, often answering questions asked by viewers. The stuffed toy was later brought back to the producers on earth. Care is taken to explain things in a way that is comprehensible to young children. Wanting to convey how large a force that was, the program purchased 16,500 Playmobil toy figures and dressed them up as Roman soldiers, lining them up into columns as they would have appeared in real life.

The film is interrupted by — and concerns the fantastical antediluvian adventures of the character Bluebear. The Nietzscheans say, it is the closest region of massive star formation to the Earth. While they comb the hulks for spare parts, fortuitously escaping the massacre, a prominent image in this montage shows the Horsehead Nebula. Here he suffers many indignities and tricks many adversaries; often answering questions asked by viewers. Minute segment mystically portraying the birth of the universe, proplyds in the Orion Nebula.